your values are expressed through the choices you make

We Americans love our companion animals. We share our homes with 165 million dogs and cats. We spend billions of dollars each year for their care. Most of us consider our companion animals to be family members. We talk to them, we include them in holiday celebrations and we take time off work to care for them when they're sick. When it's time to say farewell to them, we grieve deeply. We donate billions of dollars each year to charities and organizations which promise to help animals in need. We trust that shelters funded by our tax dollars and donations will give homeless animals that second chance. We often hold our values regarding companion animals above the values of many other cultures.

There is, however, a complicated side to our relationship with companion animals. As much as we love animals, we don't always do what's best for them. Some of us simply don't know about the serious issues related to how we treat companion animals; many of us who do know feel powerless to do anything. We ask ourselves, "but what can I do as just one person?"

You can do something. You can be a force for change. When you get right down to the heart of the matter, it's really all about your choices.

Your values are expressed through the choices you make.
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